Return to Mauch Chunk

As our car leaves the junction at Lentz Trail, T.L. Mumford continues his description of our return: "... there, like a toy village in the distance, before and far below us, we once more descry Mauch Chunk, with its familiar church spire, so indelibly impressed upon all who have visited the town."

Then, as we approach the western end of the town, our conductor begins to bleed off speed by applying the brakes, which are strictly mechanical. (Air brakes were tried once, but were unsuccessful.) Finally, with almost all of our momentum gone, we roll to a stop beneath the Mauch Chunk Depot's pavilion roof.

Before leaving the depot for the trek downtown, we stop at the Switchback Restaurant, which adjoins the depot, for a snack and, more importantly, a souvenir to help recall this momentous day. Still exhilarated by our charge down the Home Stretch, we vow to return soon.

Ride Again!

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