The Switchback Trail

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The Switchback Trail is the most historic among the trails in Pennsylvania's Rails-to-Trails Conservancy. It traces the route of the historic Switchback Gravity Railroad, an 18-mile round-trip through countryside once called "The Switzerland of America." It offers enjoyable outings for walkers, hikers, and mountain bikers.

After an orientation to the route and the history of the Switchback, visitors can create their own tours. However, for the newcomer, here are four recommended sets of "tours" -- three for the more leisurely inclined and one for the more experienced:

Mauch Chunk Walker's Tours -- Two recommended walks on the eastern end of the trail exploring historicSwitchback sites. Summit Hill Walker's Tours -- A combined driving and walking tour of the western reaches of theSwitchback.
Home Stretch Walker's Tours -- Two pleasant and easy walks on the central part of the trail. Experienced Hiker's Tour -- A hike for able walkers exploring some of the best vistas in the county and rarely visited historic sites.

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