The Switchback Trail -- Mauch Chunk Walker's Tours

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There are two recommended walks on the eastern end of the Switchback route. Both begin at the site of the Mauch Chunk Switchback Depot and "The Shutes" 1, now a private parking area accessible from Downtown via Packer Street, which leads up the hill past the Packer mansions. The Grand View Hotel also was located adjacent to the depot complex, bordering on the stone wall adjacent to Packer Street. A wrought iron fence remains on the north side of the street. Both the wall and the fence are evident in old souvenir postcards.

The Mauch Chunk Departure Walk proceeds in a northerly direction along the Switchback roadbed from the depot site. Continue to where the roadbed intersects Liberty Street. There, leave the roadbed and detour on the street south to North Avenue. Turn west there and walk about a block to the baseball field. Walk north through the baseball field to a small playground with swings. This is the site of the Base of Mt. Pisgah Plane 2. (The original base of the plane now is covered with fill that was removed in the 1930s from the mountainside cut that enables present-day Route 209 to descend into town from the south.)
The Mauch Chunk Arrival Walk proceeds from the depot 1 westward, in a direction opposite to that taken by arriving cars. Continue to the intersection of the roadbed with Lentz Trail, the site of the Trolley Transfer Stop and the Swimming Pool and Picnic Park 15.

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