The Summit Hill Switchback Depot

Arriving at the Summit Hill Depot, we're at the western terminus of our 18-mile scenic round trip. Built in 1872, the station houses a ticket office, a refreshment area, and a concession stand that sells souvenirs including items carved from coal.

Our conductor informs us that we have only 15 to 30 minutes to visit the town. Nearby is the town hall, which resembles the Bastille. But the most popular attraction is a walk just west of twon to view the famous "Burning Mine," which has been ablaze since 1832.

Later, hearing the ship's bell from the depot, we hurry to catch our car for its return to Mauch Chunk. Our conductor releases the brakes again, and our car starts reluctantly, for the grade on the streets is slight. But, with patience, our car leaves the part of the right-of-way shared with the streets and runs on the oldest part of the Down Track, the old mule track first used on the railroad in 1827.

Mt. Jefferson Crossover

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